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26th Annual N.E.W. show!

so newSeptember 4-24, 2015
First Friday Reception: September 4, 6-10pm

The Exhibit
Our annual N.E.W. Show features some of the newest, most innovative works around. Our 2015 juror, David TerryDirector of Programs and CuratorNew York Foundation for the Arts, has chosen 46 works of art that have never been exhibited before! The exhibition features 42 artists from around the United States. Join us on First Friday, September 4, 6-10pm for the opening!

Exhibition Run………………….……….……September 4-24, 2015
Opening Reception……………….………….September 4, 6-10pm
Pick-Up of Unsold Work……….……………Sept 25, 11am-6pm & Sept 26, 11am-4pm

Mary Ann Anderson, Nestling
Brooke Avery, Dreamer, Owl Bowls
Peg Bachenheimer, Planting Seeds
Ingrid Bell, Hidden States
Marnie Blum, I Want All The Cake
Elizabeth Bradford, The Golden Calf
Alexandria Clay, Blue
Renee Cloud, Let’s Keep Underestimating Each Other
William J Cooper, SUNSET
Peter Dallos, End of the Road No.6. “Poor infrastructure”
Peter Dallos, End of the Road No. 5 “Cornered”
Melissa Dollman, Pencil + Pen Exhibit
Jenny Eggleston, Furball
Jenny Eggleston, Fullball II
Melinda Fine, Masquerade
Justin Fondrie, Unknown Portrait 3
Justin Fondrie, Ciagrettes & Paper Cuts
Kristen Franklin, Astronaut
Amy Frisz-Conlon, Rivers
John Gallagher, Portrait I – Room 823, Istanbul
Julie Greenberg, storm warning
Elizabeth Laul Healey, Trump This!
Brian Imfeld, The Way Forward is Back
Eric Juth, iWash (March 2015)
Joyce Watkins King, Hanging Plant
Molly Koehn, Eat the Bad; Leave the Good
Frank Kreacic, The Treasure Ship
Emily Lees, Reflections 1
Emily Lees, Root 1 wall piece
George Lorio, Guns, Guns, Guns?
Michael Mackin, B&W Abstract Throw Pillow by Mackin
Tricia McKellar, still life
K Mixon, 251K Female Acres Rerouted
Lake Newton, Las Vegas, Nevada 2014
Chris Ogden, Intersecting Entropy
Nora Phillips, Untitled X
IlaSahai Prouty, Dream Repeater: Toys Falling: 11
Tim Saguinsin, Bliss v.2
Eric Saunders, Trap
Steve Simmerman, The Places I’ve Stayed
Melanie Stoer, Where It Began
Mary Storms, Untethered
Grace Stott, black hole kitty
Bart Vargas, Portal #9
Matt Wilkins, Rubber Band Airplane
Charlena Wynn, Too Heavy a Yoke: A Self Portrait




It is always good to get to know the person looking at your work and this year’s N.E.W. Show juror is definitely a person you should know a thing or two about!

David C. Terry is the Director of Programs and Curator at the 
New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) where he oversees the Fellowships, Curatorial, Fiscal Sponsorship and Professional Development Programs. Prior to coming to NYFA, Mr. Terry was Assistant Director at the Pelham Art Center, where he directed the exhibition, educational and outreach programs.

Mr. Terry is a working artist, curator, juror, and a panelist for the New York State Council on the Arts, Bronx Council on the Arts, Westchester Biennale and the Westchester Arts Council’s ’50 for 50’ Festival, the Alexander Rutsch Award in Painting, the Woodstock Byrdcliffe Artist in Residence Program, Lumen Arts Festival, Board Member of the College Art Association, and an Executive Member of the Fine Arts Federation.

5 Questions for David Terry
Q So you’re the Director of Programs and Curator for New York Foundation for the Arts, what kind of trouble does that mean you cause?

A If by ‘trouble’ you mean providing opportunities for artists across all disciplines the I am, indeed, a trouble maker. I work with many different organizations, both not-for-profit spaces as well as corporate spaces to bring the work of our artists into the public realm. The greatest challenge in that is that we work with so many artists, it’s difficult to help all of them.  But through our various programs and initiatives, we have something for everyone.

Q I heard a secret that you have a background in sculpture! Care to explain yourself?

A Yes, I have extensive traditional training in woodwork, carpentry, clay, plaster and bronze work. I also spent time in Italy carving marble. I earned my MFA in sculpture at the University of Pennsylvania and also won a NYFA Fellowship in sculpture in 1999. I still work sculpturally, but am now integrating different media into my work.

Q In what ways do you interact with artists?

A I interact with artists at every level.  As an artist myself, I interact as a peer.  As a curator, I work with artists collaboratively providing exhibition opportunities. As an administrator, I often work as career counselor, mentor and as part of a professional support support system.

Q Art is exciting…but what makes you most excited about art?

A I’m always excited by new work that is compelling and challenging to the viewer be it political in content or simply aesthetically well executed. Now I’m getting really excited to see how technology is settling into different genres.  It’s no longer a novelty and use of technology from gifs to 3-D printing, if done well, can take work to a different realm. I personally enjoy the juxtaposition between ‘traditional’ and newer technologies.

Q Who are some of your art crushes?

A Faith Holland, Christian Maychack, Michael Greathouse, Jaishri Abichandani, Heather Hart, Melissa Potter, Niki Berg, Joseph Keckler, Jessica Stoller, Kate Clark, and Charlotte Beckett.


VAE’s gallery space is fully accessible and we strive to make the submission process accessible as well. We encourage anyone to enter our open call exhibitions. If you need any additional information or accommodations in order to enter this exhibition please email or call (919.828.7834 ext 6856) Brandon for assistance.

Shipping Artwork:
Ship artwork using a sturdy, reusable packing materials clearly labeled with your name and telephone number. Do not include return postage in case the artwork sells during the run of the exhibition. Following the exhibition each artist who shipped their work should generate a FedEx label and email it to our Exhibitions Manager so the piece may be returned. Do not use styrofoam packing peanuts. Shipments of artwork will be accepted August 25-29.

Visual Art Exchange will retain a commission of 30% for VAE members, 50% for non-members on all work sold during the exhibit. If a work is not for sale please indicate with NFS value in appropriate space during registration or on the consignment sheet. Click here to join VAE!

All entries will be handled with the best care possible, but VAE is not responsible for loss or damage of any cause. By entering into this show, the artist agrees to abide by all rules and regulations as set by exhibition guidelines.

Questions? Email Brandon!