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upcoming: 525,600 MINS

A partnership between VAE and Waterworks Art Center

minutes repairabout the exhibit
The purpose of 525,600 MINS is to exhibit works that show how creative people think about time and place. The exhibition includes 47 works by 32 VAE artist members. Works in the exhibit showcase: The passing of time – displaying how people and things age. The measurement of time and/or the tools used to do just that. The changes in times – like how technology has changed the world. How time effects a certain place – like the image of a piece of land before and after urbanization.


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The exhibition will be mounted in Waterworks Art Center’s gallery space. Waterworks is an accredited museum so this is a fantastic opportunity for VAE members to add a museum exhibition to their resumes. Accepted works will be delivered to VAE and then transported to and from Waterworks Visual Art Center by VAE staff, as an accommodation to VAE members.

about Waterworks Visual Art Center
Waterworks Visual Arts Center is a non-profit 501(c)3 non-collecting art museum accredited by the American Alliance of Museums and located in Salisbury, North Carolina. We are an exciting place where ideas, issues, and communities converge to expand traditional ways of thinking and explore the complex and unfolding patterns between artistic and cultural spheres.

Waterworks strives to be a leader and innovator in the exhibition of art and in museum education.  Creative and expressive artwork from established and emerging regional and local artists are featured in four rotation exhibitions annually.  The museum is open free of charge six days a week.


The Artists
Ashley Arakas, Time Flies
Kelli Black, Butterless
Eliza Campbell Kiser, She had not always been alone
Caroline Coven, Now
Caroline Coven, Tethered To Time
Stephen Fletcher, Looking up Patton Street, Danville, Virginia
George Gregory, String Theory
George Gregory, Tick Tock
Brian Imfeld, Sliver of Civilization
Christin Kleinstreuer, Ravages of Time
Christin Kleinstreuer, Dangling
Leatha Koefler, My Life on Slides; A Map Through Time
Sam Lasris, Timed Out
Erin Lawler, Foreshadowing
Erin Lawler, Foreshadowing II
Sherri Leeder, Tick-Tock
Mimi Logothetis, Hole(y) War
Mimi Logothetis, Alarm
Richard Lund, The Time Travelers
Richard Lund, Star Gate Time Machine
Randy McNamara, Driving to Greenville
Randy McNamara, Beach Party
Elizabeth Mead, Low soft haze signature NYC
Elizabeth Mead, David Smith signature Paris
Elizabeth Mead, Cozens large signature Paris
Jeff Newell, Big Bang: The Dance of Creation
Anna Norman, Are we there yet
Chris Ogden, Creating Family
Chris Ogden, Passing Time
Jena Pendarvis, Terra Incognita #4
Jena Pendarvis, Terra Incognita #1
Ray Pfeiffer, Untitled #2
Ray Pfeiffer, Untitled #3
Eric Raddatz, Memory Shift
Kathleen Rieder, storyboard
Kathleen Rieder, Prayer
Leslie Salzillo, Weathered And Torn Over Time
Eric Saunders, Weathered Metal Fence
Eric Saunders, License Plate Holder
Donna Schultz, Which Way
Susan Sharpe, Selves Emerging
Judith Smith, Jayne 2X
Richard Stickney, 5,244,460 mins
Richard Stickney, Passing Time
Yuko Taylor, Banana
Tanya Sue Todd, Eyes Wide Shut
Virginia Tyler, Orion’s Belt

Delivery of Accepted Work to VAE…..…Fri, May 13, 11am – 6pm & Sat, May 14, 11am-4pm
Exhibition Run………………….….…………..May 28—September 3, 2016
Opening Reception…………..…….…………Friday, June 10, 2016, 5-8pm
Pick-Up from VAE……………………Fri, Sept 9, 11am-6pm & Sat, Sept 10, 11am-4pm


525,600 MINS is open to VAE members. A maximum of 3 works of any medium, per artist may be submitted. Two and three dimensional entries will be accepted. Entries must fit through VAE’s 104″ x 71″ door and weigh no more than 50lbs to be exhibited. Work must be original and completed in the last 2 years. No copies, mechanical reproductions, molds or kit work will be accepted. Visual Art Exchange and Waterworks Art Center reserve the right to exclude work due to size or special requirements. Entries must be hand delivered to the gallery or mailed in a returnable container. Artwork submitted on behalf of an artist requires written and signed authorization from the artist. Click here to view VAE’s exhibition policies.

VAE’s works to make every aspect of our organization accessible to all people. We encourage anyone to enter our open call exhibitions. If you need any additional information or accommodations in order to enter this exhibition please email Brandon or call 919.828.7834 ext 6 for assistance.

Shipping Artwork
Ship artwork using a sturdy, reusable packing materials clearly labeled with your name and telephone number. Do not include return postage in case the artwork sells during the run of the exhibition. Following the exhibition each artist who shipped their work should generate a FedEx label and email it to our Director of Exhibitions so the piece may be returned. Do not use styrofoam packing peanuts. Shipments of artwork will be accepted May 9 – 14, 2016.

Ship To:
VAE Raleigh
c/o Brandon Cordrey
309 W Martin Street
Raleigh, NC 27601

All sales will be coordinated through VAE. Visual Art Exchange will retain the regular member commission of 30% on all sales. If a work is not for sale please indicate with NFS value in appropriate space during registration or on the consignment sheet. Click here to join VAE!

While in the care of VAE – All entries will be handled with the utmost care and respect. VAE is not liable for artwork during transportation to or from VAE by the artist. VAE does carry a blanket inland marine policy that covers most fine art works and craft items up to $5,000 while the work is in VAE’s possession. VAE reserves the right to refuse coverage to artwork with inherent vices, high values or that is deemed unstable. By entering into this show, the artist agrees to abide by all rules and regulations as set by exhibition guidelines.

While in the care of Waterworks Visual Art Center - The Waterworks Visual Arts Center exercises the utmost care of and respect for all objects on loan. Objects are handled only by WVAC agents or trained art handlers under the supervision of WVAC staff. Evidence of damage at the time of receipt or while in WVAC’s custody will be reported immediately to the artist/lender. The artist/lender will be requested to provide written authorization for any alteration or repair.

Insurance is carried by Waterworks Visual Arts Center to provide coverage for each art object on exhibit in the building subject to normal insurance industry exclusions. Insurance will cover the full stated value of works. While Waterworks’ personnel will exercise all reasonable care in the handling, hanging, and storage of paintings and art objects, it can only assume responsibility for damage or loss to the extent that insurance coverage is provided, and the artist expressly holds the Waterworks harmless for any damage or loss which is not covered by insurance.

Questions? Email Brandon!

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