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ABOUT the Exchange Gallery

This highly visible space, in the front windows of VAE, is excellent exposure for artists. Each month VAE highlights the work of 4 to 5 exemplary VAE artists in the Exchange Gallery.  Occasionally, the Exchange Gallery is used to mount a special exhibit allowing VAE to spotlight one of our many programs.

We are currently seeking applications for 2D & 3D artists wishing to apply for the Exchange Gallery program for July 2015 to June 2016. Accepted artists will have a selection of their work exhibited for one month in the front gallery of VAE. The deadline for applications for the 2015-16 Exchange Gallery call is April 30th, 2015.

apply-now-grnProgram Dates: July 2015- June 2016

What are the BENEFITS?

  • A cohesive, professional looking exhibition in the front gallery of VAE
  • Opening reception on First Friday
  • Vinyl signage of your name with your exhibition
  • Your name listed on VAE promotional materials and email
  • A ‘Featured Artist’ listing on the VAE website


  • $15 exhibition fee
  • Help install artwork / display if special installation is required
  • You must be a  VAE member in good standing at time of the exhibit

WHO is right for the Exchange Gallery?

All 2D & 3D fine artists working in any medium are encouraged to apply. Ideal candidates should have a cohesive body of work. Collaborative work will also be considered. Each artist or collaborative group will have approximately a 7′ x 7′ section of wall (floor space for 3D) in the front gallery.


How to APPLY

There are two parts to this application process that can be completed in any order you choose, as long as both parts are completed by April 30, 2015.

PART A: Email 3-5 jpegs of work and and an image inventory list to

  • Jpegs do NOT need to be the actual work you plan to exhibit, but a close representation of the style of work you plan on exhibiting.
  • Jpegs should be at least 1000px at their widest dimension, not to exceed 2MB per image. Jpegs should be named liked so: LASTNAME_01.jpg, LASTNAME_02.jpg, etc.
  • Your image inventory sheet should be in either Word Doc or pdf format and should be a guide to the jpegs that accompany your application. Your inventory list must contain the following information for each jpeg: the jpeg name (“LASTNAME_01.jpg”), the piece’s title (“Sunset”, “Still Life with Aardvarks”), medium, dimensions, and retail price.

PART B: Submit your artist statement, resume, and $10 application fee through Eventbrite.

  • Your artist’s statement should be no longer than one page and should describe your current work.
  • Resumes should be pasted into the designated text box. We understand that this might make your formatting look weird, but we are mostly interested in the content. Do your best to make it look readable. WE won’t take off points for looks.
  • Your application will not be considered finished until your entry fee has been processed through Eventbrite.


The Exchange Gallery is open to artists working in ANY medium. Artists must be a VAE member in good standing at the time of their exhibit. Artists who would like to apply to the Exchange Gallery for both a 2D exhibit and 3D exhibit may do so, but must submit two different applications.


The jury will be conducted at the beginning of May with your submitted digital materials. Accepted artists will be listed on the website. The jurors are looking for:

  • Cool, original work
  • Professional presentation (good photos of work, up-to-date websites, etc.)
  • Thoughtful artist statement


The application fee is $10. There is a $15 exhibition fee for accepted artists.


VAE takes a 30% commission on members’ works.


Application & exhibit fees are non-refundable.


Please email Erika.


The Exchange Gallery is sponsored by